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Woman Seeking Dead Husband - Smokers Okay, No Pets
Season 1
Episode 4
Air Date July 28, 2006
Written by Steve Franks
Directed by Jeff Melman
Guests Kirsten Nelson
Anne Marie Deluise
Steve Bacic
Previous episode "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece"
Next episode "9 Lives"

When two men are paroled after serving four years for bank robbery, the wife of a third robber who died fears that she may be in danger and calls on Shawn to use his "powers" in order to speak to the spirit of her dead husband and determine the location of the missing money.

Pop-Culture References[]

  • Shawn: We're gonna find the Dread Pirate Wilcroft's dirty booty.

Referring to the Dread Pirate Roberts of The Princess Bride.