Tuesday the 17th
Season 3
Episode 15
Air Date February 13, 2009
Written by Steve Franks
James Roday
Directed by James Roday
Guests Mackenzie Astin
Justine Bateman
Elden Henson
Sonja Bennett
Shawn Roberts
Previous episode "Truer Lies"
Next episode "An Evening With Mr. Yang"

Shawn and Gus are hired by a childhood friend named Jason Cummingham (Mackenzie Astin) to find a missing camp counselor who disappeared near their old sleep-away campgrounds. After Jason reveals the truth behind the incident, everyone present is trapped there, and at the mercy of a killer. As all of this happens, Lassiter has dinner with his estranged wife Victoria (Justine Bateman), but it's a meeting he would rather forget.

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