Episode List: 2010 Edit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
501 Romeo and Juliet and Juliet Writer: Steve Franks Director: Steve Franks 07/14/10 #64 501
The fifth season premiere. Shawn and Gus look for the missing daughter of a Chinese crime boss, whose organization is feuding with another Triad.

502 Feet Don't Kill Me Now Writer: Saladin K. Patterson Director: Mel Damski 07/21/10 #65 502
Gus helps Lassiter loosen up by tap dancing while the pair are working together. Shawn and Juliet, meanwhile, team up to investigate a case involving a jealous girlfriend and murder.

503 Not Even Close...Encounters Writer: Bill Callahan Director: John Badham 07/28/10 #66 503
Shawn and Gus try to stay objective while investigating an alien abduction with an old friend.

504 Chivalry Is Not Dead...But Someone Is Writer: Andy Berman Director: Jay Chandrasekhar 08/04/10 #67 504
A rich widow's young beau is killed, and Shawn and Gus think someone trained the man to be a con artist.

505 Shawn & Gus in Drag (Racing) Writer: Kell Cahoon & Tim Meltreger Director: Mel Damski 08/11/10 #68 505
Shawn and Gus infiltrate a drag-racing ring to find the killer of a car thief, but Shawn soon takes a liking to life in the fast lane and puts the case in jeopardy.

506 Viagra Falls Writer: Todd Harthan Director: Andrew Bernstein 08/18/10 #69 506
Shawn and Gus work with two retired police officers to solve the murder of a police chief.

507 Ferry Tale Writer: Saladin K. Patterson & Kell Cahoon Director: Reginald Hudlin 08/25/10 #70 507
Shawn and Gus help a guard round up escaped inmates on a ferryboat en route to the Channel Islands.

508 Shawn 2.0 Writer: Bill Callahan Director: David Crabtree 09/01/10 #71 508
Shawn meets his match in a talented criminal profiler while investigating a series of murders targeting donors on a liver-transplant list.

150px One, Maybe Two, Ways Out Writer: Andy Berman & Todd Harthan Director: Mel Damski 09/08/10 #72 509
A government spy seeks Shawn and Gus' help proving her innocence after she's implicated in a crime.

150px Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part Writer: Steve Franks Director: Steve Franks 11/10/10 #73 510
Despereaux uses a visit from Shawn and Gus to escape from prison and pull off one last job. But his plan takes an unexpected turn when he's framed for murdering an attorney, so he takes the bold step of asking Shawn and Gus for help.

150px In Plain Fright Writer: Steve Franks & Tim Meltreger Director: Stephen Surjik 11/17/10 #74 511
Shawn and Gus witness a murder at a haunted attraction and soon suspect that the ghost of a man who died there several years earlier is responsible for the crime.

150px Dual Spires Writer: Bill Callahan & James Roday Director: Matt Shakman 12/01/10 #75 512
Shawn and Gus investigate the drowning of a teenager in a quirky small town after receiving a mysterious email invitation to a local festival. The case takes an odd turn when they discover that the victim had been declared dead years earlier.

150px We'd Like to Thank the Academy Writer: Bill Callahan & Todd Harthan Director: Tawnia McKiernan 12/08/10 #76 513
Shawn and Gus enroll in the police academy in order to brush up on police procedure following a reprimand from the SBPD. The training doesn't stick as Chief Vick had planned, however.

150px The Polarizing Express Writer: Saladin K. Patterson & James Roday Director: James Roday 12/15/10 #77 514
The 2010 Psych Christmas special. Shawn hits a low point after bumbling a high-profile case against a crime lord, resulting in the Psych team and Henry's firings. A series of dreams then provides Shawn a glimpse at what Santa Barbara would be like if he had never returned.

150px Dead Bear Walking Writer: Andy Berman Director: Andy Berman 12/15/10 #78 515
An animal trainer's death is pinned on a polar bear, but Shawn suspects foul play. He takes it upon himself to find the real killer and to save his furry friend.

150px Yang 3 in 2D Writer: Director: 12/22/10 #79 516
The fifth season finale. Mr. Yin resurfaces and kidnaps a woman. To gain insight on Yin, Shawn and Gus ask Yang to help them with the investigation.

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