Episode List: 2009-2010[edit | edit source]

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
150px Extradition: British Columbia Writer: Steve Franks & Andy Berman Director: Steve Franks 08/07/09 #48 401
Shawn and Gus meet an elusive international art thief, while skiing in Vancouver, and discover he's not what he seems.

150px He Dead Writer: Saladin K. Patterson Director: Michael McMurray 08/14/09 #49 402
Shawn and Gus discover the fresh wreckage of a plane crash that killed a billionaire, whose dying words indicate he was murdered.

150px High Noon-ish Writer: Kell Cahoon Director: Mel Damski 08/21/09 #50 403
An Old West tourist attraction is plagued by a series of strange events threatening to shut it down. In hopes of saving it, Lassiter asks Shawn and Gus to look into the odd occurrences.

150px The Devil's in the Details ... And in the Upstairs Bedroom Writer: Bill Callahan Director: John Badham 08/28/09 #51 404
Shawn and Gus are recruited by their former Catholic school teacher to investigate a student's suicide, which he believes is the work of the devil.

150px Shawn Has the Yips Writer: Kell Cahoon & Bill Callahan Director: Tawnia McKiernan 09/11/09 #52 405
Shawn thinks a shooter is deliberately targeting Lassiter after a robbery at a police bar ends in gunfire.

150px Bollywood Homicide Writer: Steve Franks & Anupam Nigam Director: Jay Chandrasekhar 09/18/09 #53 406
A man thinks he's cursed after several of his former girlfriends meet grim fates, and he asks Shawn and Gus to investigate.

150px High Top Fade Out Writer: Saladin K. Patterson & James Roday Director: Steve Surjik 09/25/09 #54 407
A member of Gus' college a cappella group is murdered. When the group reunites, they are able to decipher an encrypted message that could pinpoint the killer.

150px Let's Get Hairy Writer: James Roday & Todd Harthan Director: Andrew Bernstein 10/09/09 #55 408
Shawn and Gus help a man who claims he's a werewolf and believes he's dangerous to the public.

150px Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark Writer: Andy Berman Director: Mel Damski 10/16/09 #56 409
While working on an ice cream truck case, Shawn makes a shocking discovery that could put his life at risk.

410.jpg You Can't Handle This Episode Writer: Andy Berman Director: Mel Damski 01/27/10 #57 410
Shawn thinks a soldier's suicide was really murder and soon comes to suspect that Juliet's mercenary brother was involved in the killing.

411.jpg Thrill Seekers & Hell Raisers Writer: Saladin K. Patterson & Kell Cahoon Director: Mel Damski 02/03/10 #58 411
Shawn suspects foul play when a rafter goes overboard during a river-rafting outing with Gus' adrenaline-junkie girlfriend.

412.jpg A Very Juliet Episode Writer: Steve Franks & Tim Meltreger Director: Steve Franks 02/10/10 #59 412
Juliet recruits Gus to help her locate an old boyfriend, a search that ends up revealing a closely guarded secret.

413.jpg Death Is in the Air Writer: Bill Callahan & Anupam Nigam Director: Stephen Surjik 02/17/10 #60 413
Shawn and Gus try to recover a stolen lethal pathogen, which could be released in the city by the thief.

414.jpg Think Tank Writer: Steve Franks & Andy Berman Director: Stephen Surjik 02/24/10 #61 414
Shawn and Gus join a think tank designed to protect a tycoon from assassination plots. After the group disbands, they realize one of the members was using the meetings to plan an attack on the tycoon.

415.jpg The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode Writer: Steve Franks & Tim Meltreger Director: Matt Shakman 03/03/10 #62 415
Lassiter suspects that a shark-attack victim was really murdered and announces it to the press, in an attempt to "out-Spencer" Shawn Spencer.

416.jpg Mr. Yin Presents ... Writer: Andy Berman & James Roday Director: James Roday 03/10/10 #63 416
A would-be murderer makes deadly plans for Shawn that are modeled after classic Hitchcock films.

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