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Rob-a-Bye Baby
Season 2
Episode 8
Air Date September 7, 2007
Written by Tami Sagher
Directed by Paul Lazarus
Guests Eric Keenleyside
Previous episode "If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?"
Next episode "Bounty Hunters!"

Chief Vick assigns Shawn and Gus to use Shawn's psychic powers to screen a new nanny for her before she loses her mind to sleep deprivation. Though Shawn has his eyes on a string of high-profile robberies -- especially after stumbling on a crime scene where the robbery turned to murder after being picked up for harassing nannies and children in the park -- the chief demands that they focus only on the nanny-search. The two are even fired for dividing their attention -- until Shawn determines that there's a connection between the robberies and the nanny agency.