Madeleine Spencer is a fictional character on the American television dramedy Psych played by American actress Cybill Shepherd. During a flashback in the episode "Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead", she was briefly played by Sharon Brown (this was before Cybill Shepherd took the role).


Madeleine Spencer is the mother of Shawn Spencer and the ex-wife of Henry Spencer.

She made her first appearance in "Ghosts" as the department-sanctioned psychologist requested by the Santa Barbara Police Department for officer psychological evaluations, including Head Detective Carlton Lassiter. During her first evaluation session with Lassiter, he asked about her recording device to which she replied was unnecessary in her sessions: she claimed that she could remember everything they talked and will talk about due to her eidetic tonal memory - analogous to photographic memory, but the stimuli registered in her memory are conversations. On her return to Santa Barbara from Europe, Shawn told Gus that three years had transpired since she had last spoken with her son and that he was confused about his feelings on her return.

Madeleine revealed to Shawn that it was not Henry who initiated the divorce proceedings and that she left the marriage. A job opportunity out of town was too good to pass up and because Shawn was a senior in high school at the time, she thought that he would come out well from the debacle of the divorce.

In the final episode of the third season ("An Evening With Mr. Yang"), Madeleine Spencer is abducted by the Yin Yang killer, only to be rescued by her son.


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