Corbin Bernsen (b. 1954) plays the character Henry Spencer on the series Psych.

Bernsen is an American actor who has also appeared in episodes of Ryan's Hope, L.A. Law, A Whole New Ballgame, The Cape, The West Wing, Jack & Jill, JAG, Cuts, and The Young and the Restless. He also appeared in movies, such as Dead Aim, Hello Again, Bert Rigby, You're a Fool, Major League, Disorganized Crime, Shattered, Fatal Inheritance, Grey Knight, The Soft Kill, Major League II, Radioland Murders, Someone to Die For, Dangerous Intentions, Temptress, Baja, The Dentist, The Great White Hype, Menno's Mind, Kounterfeit, Beings, Major League: Back to the Minors, The Dentist 2, The Misadventures of Margaret, Kiss of a Stranger, Rubbernecking, Delicate Instruments, Borderline Normal, Judgment, The Tomorrow Man, Final Payback, Killer Instinct, The Company You Keep, The Commission, Death and Texas, Quiet Kill, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Carpool Guy, Last Sunset, The Naked Ape, Paid, Pirate Camp, Trapped, Donna on Demand, and Dead Air. He'll also be appearing in future movies, including Rust, The Ascension, Closets, Lizzie, and Boogie Town.

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